Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) Package in 8 Steps

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1) Book for Your Free Surgical Consultation

Free Surgical Consultation for turkey rhinoplasty package

Online consultation gives our patients the opportunity to meet our expert surgeon in order to ask any questions they may have. You may contact us via WhatsApp on +905451631277 or by email info@berkanarik.com for rhinoplasty package

Once you reach us, you will be asked to submit a short questionnaire. We will then schedule an online consultation for you. Dr. Berkan Arik will examine your photos and analyse your face on screen during your consultation then will discuss your goal for your surgery. During your consultation, you will be accompanied with our international patient coordinator, where you can get support.

2) Support Service

Our international patient coordinator will assist you on booking your surgery date, your transport and accommodation during your stay in Turkey. Our experienced assistants will support you in your journey to ensure you are catered for every step of the way.

Support Service

3) Meet and Greet Services- Airport VIP Assistance

Airport VIP Assistance

You will be met at the gate and assisted through the airport. You will be accompanied by our agent during the entire transfer to your hotel. It takes an average of 1,5-3 hours to travel from Istanbul to Bursa, over a distance of around 110km-180km\68miles-111miles (depending on the airport landed).
** Valid for Elegance Rhnioplasty Package

4) Accommodation

We will provide information for the closest hotels to the clinic and hospital. Many top rated hotels like Sheraton Bursa Hotel, Aloft Bursa Hotel are also located in the city


5) The Examination and Analysis

The Examination and Analysis

The day before your surgery, Dr. Bekan Arik will take detailed medical history from you at his clinic, as part of that your nose will carefully examined inside and out and high quality photographs of your nose taken. By using digital imaging, Doctor will simulate your nose to give an idea of your new look to help clearly define your desires and expectations and explore with you what can and can not be achieved. We will then take you to the hospital where your surgery will performed for your pre-surgical assessment.

6) On the Day of Surgery

On the day of your surgery, you will go to the hospital where you are having the procedure done, there you will be checked in, consists of you filling out several forms. You will be given a hospital gown to change into. It’s not long after that to be in the operating room. Whole procedure will take 3 to 4 hours and before you know it, you will find yourself waking up. You are required to stay overnight at the hospital and will be closely monitored by the medical team.
On the following day, before you discharged, Dr. Berkan Arik will visit you and agree your discharge after his examination and will have explained how your operation went, and make sure that everything is in order before you go. You will be given detailed guidance about aftercare and the list of medications before you leave the ward.
After the surgery you need to rest for 3 days following your discharge from the hospital. You will be able to go around and visit the places in Bursa according to your recovery. Also a special city guide will be provided on request.

turkey rhinoplasty package of surgery

7) Final Checks Before you Leave

Final Checks Before you Leave

After your final assessment with Dr. Berkan Arik on the 7th day of your postsurgery, your Doctor will remove your internal and outer splints and you will have a small tape over your nose.
Risks can be reduced by closely following instructions, you will be given detailed guidance about your recovery period and then you are ready to depart with your new look.

8) How Soon You Can Fly?

You can fly on day 8 of your post-surgery safely. In our rhinoplasty package we will also arrange VIP airport drop-off service for our patients upon request.

Last step for the turkey rhinoplasty package

Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) Packages

· Pre-operative assessments of patient overall health status at the hospital (includes laboratory tests diagnostic procedure: medical history, physical examination etc.)
· Consultation with your surgeon before and after your operation
· Surgery costs
· Overnight stay at the hospital after your surgery
· Pre-operative assessments of patient overall health status at the hospital (includes laboratory tests diagnostic procedure: medical history, physical examination etc.)
· Consultation with your surgeon before and after your operation
· Surgery costs
· Overnight stay at the hospital after your surgery
· VIP Airport Transfer
· Clinic – Hotel – Hospital transfer
· 10 Night Hotel Accomodation

Rhinoplasty Package Video

How Much Are Rhinoplasty Package Prices in Turkey?

The procedures in our nose surgery package vary according to the individual’s nose structure, so the prices also vary. In addition, if you want to use a VIP vehicle or stay in different hotels, the prices will change. You can fill out the form below for detailed price information.

Thinking of Having Rhinoplasty in Turkey

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    Important Notice:
    You are required to arrive at the clinic at least the day before your surgery for your initial consultation with Dr. Berkan Arik and pre-operative assessment at the hospital. You are free to go home by day 8 of your post-surgery, by this means, you should plan your journey for at least 10 days for your Turkey rhinoplasty package

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